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Meet Your 
New Coach

Katelyn is from the Midwest with a passion for CrossFit and nutrition. She is a PN1 certified nutritionist and the founder of Fueled by Food Coaching. She founded Fueled by Food Coaching as a result of her mission to help people learn how to fuel their bodies properly based on their specific goals. In addition, Katelyn is CrossFit certified with both CF-L1 and CF-L2 certifications.

How It Works

Book a Consult

Your first consultation is free. Katelyn will assess your current health challenges and goals and talk to you about her program.

Make a Plan

In this stage, we sit down together and work out a plan that fits your individual life goals.

See Results

Results will build slowly but steadily over the course of our journey together.

Why Work With Me?

Working with me means working with a coach with passion. My main focus is to guide you in the direction that best fits you along with helping you learn a new healthy lifestyle. I want to see you succeed. Communication, personalization, and the knowledge of a certified nutritionist make working with me different from your average coach.
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  • "Y’all, as someone who has done this for 6 months, it has been a game changer for me...I highly recommend checking this out and taking the step to better yourself each day!"
    -Steve W.
  • "I would totally recommend doing this! It makes eating right simple and much easier than going at it alone. If I can do it, you can too!"
  • "I know we're not done yet but seriously I feel so much better in so many different ways. I feel like I can move better, lift more that what I thought I ever could in a small amount of time, I feel healthier in every single way...Thank you so much Katelyn!"
    -Shelby W.

Where I Started

Katelyn working out
My journey started with a choice of going to the gym as a hobby. I had no idea what I was doing. After years of trial and error and guidance through outside coaching, I found a desire to help others who also had no idea where to start. My hobby quickly turned into my life. I couldn’t wait to get into the gym. 
It didn’t take long to realize that nutrition played a HUGE part in my fitness journey. So again, through lots of trial and error and more certifications I found what best worked for me. I started to help friends and family with their lifestyle choices and I quickly decided that’s what I wanted to do with my dream job.

I know that I can guide you and make that change for you, too.

Will you join me?

Your New, Healthy Life Is Waiting.

Fueled by Food Coaching is home to nutrition fueled coaching in Southern Illinois. Workouts and nutrition plans are developed by a CF-L1 & CF-L2 certified trainer and a PN1 certified nutritionist.
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