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Fueled by Food was founded by certified nutritionist and CrossFit instructor Katelyn Weihl. Katelyn has been doing CrossFit since she was 18. As a former gymnast, she has always had a competitive spirit and eventually found the desire to get competitive with CrossFit when she was 23. As Katelyn began her fitness journey, she realized how big of a role nutrition plays in meeting her fitness goals. Now that she is achieving her own fitness and nutrition goals, she has begun to pick up clients of her own. She loves helping her clients achieve their goals and feel amazing in their bodies, thus leading Katelyn to create Fueled by Food Coaching. 
Katelyn Weihl making a smoothie bowl
Katelyn is CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) and CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2) certified. What does this mean? CrossFit Level 1 certifications is the first certification teaching foundations of CrossFit. CrossFit Level 2 certifications educate athletes on how to coach and pick up on the cues of their clients as they are coaching. In addition to her CrossFit certifications, Katelyn is a certified nutritionist. She has a PN1 Certification and is working on her PN2 certification.

Katelyn’s goal for the future is to help change people’s lives and help them to feel good in their bodies. Through Fueled by Food, she is here to help people look and feel healthy and good by teaching them the proper ways to fuel with food whatever your lifestyle may be.
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Fueled by Food Coaching is home to nutrition fueled coaching in Southern Illinois. Workouts and nutrition plans are developed by a CF-L1 & CF-L2 certified trainer and a PN1 certified nutritionist.
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