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The word diet gets thrown around more often than it should. We look at social media and are often asking ourselves “what diet are they on.” When we think of the word diet, we think of eating less in order to become smaller. The industry is stuck, and we are here to offer something a little different when it comes to nutrition and how we look at food as a whole.

With our nutrition coaching we never expect you to be “smaller.” In fact, we are here to teach you how to be so much more than just another person on a diet, and you will never use the word diet again. We are in the business of creating sustainable, goal-oriented lifestyles. We are here to teach you far more than “eat this” or “don’t eat that.” We have fully embraced the notion that each individual client needs to be educated and coached in a very specific way, thus we supply the full package.

We ensure each client is in a judgment-free, relatable environment.
We believe nutrition coaching is about building a trusting relationship with your coach, your food, and yourself. We insist on communication, honesty, and transparency from our clients in order to ensure they receive an uplifting experience. And to set the tone, we ask that you tell us everything about yourself upon starting. The relationship starts by putting it all on the table.

We then get to work on your mental hang-ups, inconsistencies, and negative habits in order to make both mental and physical progress. We hold you accountable while allowing you to be human on your journey (not ours). Your journey could mean your pre-baby weight, your wedding day, healing from illness, competing on the national platform, 100 pounds of weight loss, making it to the CrossFit Games, or maybe you just don’t want to fear your favorite foods anymore. It is entirely up to you and we are here to help you see it through.

Everyone wants to be able to share an impressive transformation photo; both coaches and clients. While we care more about the mental transformation that you can’t see through photos. Beyond changing your thought process, we will change your body. Whether your goals are athletic or aesthetic, we implement a simple, effective, and scientific approach to individualized nutrition that anyone can achieve.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I hire a nutrition coach?
There is one thing just about every member of our nutrition coaching program is missing before they start with us. It is also the one thing that has the biggest impact on their success. That is the accountability our coaches provide. This is what keeps our members consistent and focused as they have to check in with our nutrition coaching team. Something special happens when you hire a coach. Your level of accountability significantly increases.
Do you work with food allergies/sensitivities?
There is an infinite amount of information, products, foods and diets out there.
How are you supposed to figure out what is best for you? And who has the time?
Leave that up to us.
How will you help me commit?
It's easy to commit.
It's also easy to overcommit, become overwhelmed and quit.
The tough part becomes staying committed.
We have all been there.
This is why we focus on getting our members committed not for the short-term but for life.
We do this by instilling small, weekly habit changes that build off the last.
This keeps our members from getting overwhelmed and actually keeps them excited as they conquer new goals.
Will my results last?
What I am most proud of is how well our members continue to do once they leave the program.
Members have ingrained better habits and choices and have continued to lose weight, build muscle and improve their health.
Our goal as coaches is to help you see fantastic results, learn about better nutrition and use the tools you learn throughout the rest of your life.
What if my work schedule changes suddenly?
The scale is one pound higher than yesterday. Now what?
My best friend is having a birthday party this weekend. What do I do?
I have to work late this week and can no longer workout at 5:00 p.m. How do I adjust my food?
A coach will make those decisions for you. He or she will guide you through the expected weight fluctuations related to your previous day’s food and fluid intake, sleep, stress, and menstrual cycle. He or she will prepare you with actionable strategies to adjust your nutrition and exercise to find balance between staying on plan and enjoying yourself at your best friend’s party. And he or she will educate you as to how to adjust your food intake when needing to train at a different time of day. All you need to do is trust your coach and execute said plan. So rather than worrying about the details of when and how to progress during a diet, choose to focus on eating well (and per plan!), training hard, and smiling each day, and let your coach handle the rest.
What exactly is nutrition coaching?
Nutrition Coaches bridge the gap between the desire to be healthy and actually being healthy, assisting clients with every step of the process.
Nutrition Coaches are knowledgeable advisors who provide ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and wellbeing. Your Nutrition Coach will listen carefully and help you to navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice, to determine what changes are necessary for you and your unique body. He or she will look at the entire picture of health, including food, mindset, movement, relationships, finances, spirituality and career – to create a total body, mind & spirit transformation.
What does a nutritionist do?
A nutritionist will not only help you create a meal plan and feel confident choosing what to eat, but also provide you with the necessary support and accountability to follow through on your dietary changes.
Can a nutritionist help me with eating disorders?
Treating an eating disorder often requires a number of different professionals, including a medical doctor and a psychologist or mental health counselor. But a nutrition expert is a crucial part of the treatment team. They can help you create a meal plan that not only includes what to eat, but also provides you with strategies for ensuring that you follow through.
Should I avoid carbs?
Carbs are not inherently fattening, especially whole food sources. And getting adequate carbs can help most clients exercise harder and recover better, optimizing progress.
How will I know what to eat?
A nutritionist does more than offer a proper meal plan. They help you learn the best nutrition tips for choosing the right foods. These tips get tailored to your unique lifestyle and can help you to reach your goals.

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